Principle Based Money Management

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Welcome to My Money Plan!

Use this Quick Start Guide to learn some simple steps to get up and running on the MyMoneyPlan™ online community.  This guide will walk you through how the site is organized and help you become familiar with its features.  Becoming an active member of MyMoneyPlan will give you a big picture view of how to take control of every aspect of your financial life so you can create wealth on any income!


Step 1:  Become familiar with how the site is organized.
The MyMoneyPlan™ community is organized around the concept that financial mastery is like a puzzle…it’s only possible when you have all the pieces in hand and know how to fit them together in the right order. There are just four pieces to the financial puzzle. Everything you need to know to be successful financially and create wealth on any income is included in these four areas:  1) Control Spending; 2) Eliminate Debt; 3) Reduce Taxes; 4) Maximize Savings

Click Here to watch an introductory video.

Step 2:  Explore the “Learn and Do” module for each of the 4 puzzle pieces.
Each module acts as a personal mentor, guiding you through the information for that puzzle piece and helping you see how it is connected to the next piece.  To begin, click on the Control Spending module.  This will show you why spending is so emotional, let you create a unique Spending Plan, and help you track expenses according to that plan.

The Eliminate Debt module helps you understand your debt, build plans for quickly eliminating debt, and teaches how to repair credit.

In the Reduce Taxes module, you’ll learn how to reduce taxes during every stage of your life including tips for retirement and estate tax planning.

Maximize Retirement helps you see how to quickly begin saving for emergencies and emotional needs; retirement calculators help you plan for your long-term future.

Step 3:  Complete activities for each module.
Each module includes “learn and do” activities related to the piece of the puzzle in which you are working. As you complete each assignment, click on the small puzzle piece next to the assignment in the progress bar located on the left side of the screen; a check mark will appear in the piece to indicate completion.

As you complete assignments, that module’s piece will begin to “fill in,” showing what percentage of the module’s activities you have completed.

To get the most out of your online subscription, be sure to work in a linear fashion — complete each assignment in the order they are presented.  However, if you have a pressing need to understand a concept, you can go directly to the relevant section within that module and begin working there.

Step 4:  Become familiar with the Master Plan software
Many of the assignments you will be given in MyMoneyPlan require the use of the Master Plan Web Access software.  This unique application is an integral part of the community and provides a powerful financial forecasting tool that lets you create spending, debt, and retirement savings plans.

To access the Master Plan software, click on the dollar sign icon on the left side of the main menu bar: 

To help you learn how to use the Master Plan software we have developed a Quick-Start Guide, page-specific help screens, and a downloadable Users Manual.  Be sure to explore these helps from within the software.

Step 5:  Review your progress.
As you progress through the site, click on the “Your Progress” link from within the main menu to review how far you have come and what steps you need to take next.  Consider this your "Big Picture" view and use the information here to manage your efforts to put every piece of the puzzle together.

Step 6:  Take advantage of the “Learning Center.”
The MyMoneyPlan™ community “Learning Center” is a valuable resource that includes access to podcasts, articles, webinars, newsletters, and the “Ask a Coach” feature that lets you send a question to our team of financial experts.

Jump right in!
We encourage you to begin exploring the community and are here to assist you in any way we can.  After you have taken time to explore the site and become familiar with its features, your first place to start is by clicking on the Control Spending link in the main menu.

We welcome and appreciate your comments, suggestions and feedback: or (888) 292-1099.