Principle Based Money Management

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What You Can Expect from the MyMoneyPlan Community

MyMoneyPlan™ is the only online community that can help you get in complete control of your personal finances.  We approach money management like a puzzle, helping you put each piece of the financial puzzle — spending, debt, taxes, and savings —  together in the right order so they can work in harmony to bring you peace and prosperity.

No other online community is as comprehensive in its approach, yet as easy to apply.

A simple, step-by-step approach...

Control Spending – You'll learn how to build a spending plan that will help you stop living paycheck-to-paycheck and find as much as $300 extra each month.

Eliminate Debt – Find out how to get out of debt (mortgage included) in under 9 years and how debt is tied to your spending so you can stay out of debt!

Reduce Taxes – Learn how to cut your tax burden by up to half (a piece of the puzzle which is vital but that no other so called financial "expert" will ever address).

Maximize Savings – Immediately build emergency, emotional and retirement savings by controlling spending and debt — add at least $300,000 to retirement.

Membership Includes:

Powerful financial forecasting software
This comprehensive Web-based financial planning software includes modules that will help you effectively create and manage your Master Plan including your Spending Plan, Debt Plan, Tax Plan and Retirement Plan. This application offers many benefits and features including:
  • Internet access:  Access your plan anywhere you have an internet connection.

  • Available from any computer platform:  Both Mac and PC users can now use Master Plan, plus the software is compatible with all browsers, including Safari and Firefox.

  • Real-time coach view:  If you are in the Money Mastery® coaching program, your coach can assist you by accessing your individual plans real-time during your coaching sessions.

  • Online security:  Built-in security features assure that your financial information remains protected and completely confidential.

  • Automatic Updates:  Because this is a Web application, program updates are automatic  No more downloading updates or patches as with CD-based software.

Step-by-step progress tracking
MyMoneyPlan lets you see how well you are progressing through the program by showing how much of your puzzle has been completed.  As you finish assignments in each of the four modules, a percentage of that module's puzzle piece will fill in.  Your goal is to complete each module so that all four puzzle pieces can be fit together to complete your financial puzzle. 

Financial Management Tools and Resources
MyMoneyPlan includes valuable financial resources and tools including financial assessments and worksheets; loan, retirement, life insurance and future value calculators; personal net worth summaries; IRS tax forms; estate planning tools; tax organization tools; and much, much more!

Access to community and interactive forums
MyMoneyPlan is an educational and interactive site that offers a wealth of information to expand your financial awareness.  The interactive content includes links to podcasts, videos, articles, blogs, our 9-year newsletter archive, and more.

Ask a Money Mastery® coach
Sometimes just having someone there to answer a question is worth its weight in gold.  That's why we have incorporated the "Ask a Coach" feature into our community.  This gives you the opportunity to send a question to our team of  experts and receive an answer within 1 business day.